Create Electronic Versions of Stationery

Create electronic versions of your stationery in WordHave you needed to send an electronic copy of a letter but only had pre-printed versions of your letterhead? Does it take you longer to find and complete a fax cover sheet than it does to actually send it? Do you need shipping labels periodically but not enough to order by the thousands? Or perhaps you just don't need a full box of anything and would rather create and use as you go. You can create a template once and use it forever.

This video series shows you step by step how to start with a blank page and replicate the stationery your designer created. (See the chart below.) If you're computer savvy and have experience working in Word, all this will be easy once you know which buttons to click.

But What About All Those Templates in Word Already?

This series is for people who want to replicate stationery they've had designed and who also want to learn enough about Word to create other documents they need.

That's right! When you see how forms and documents are created from scratch, you learn so much more than by using something you just fill in. You'll discover how to do it and will be able to create, change, or tweak anything else you'll need.

Need to Replicate Professionally-Designed Letterhead?

If you chose not to use one of the generic templates that came with your software and had a professional design something specific to your brand, you can duplicate it in Word. Get a high resolution file of your logo, and the PC equivalent of your font (if they used a Mac), and learn which buttons to click in Word to replicate it.

  • Develop a clearer understanding of how templates work and why you need them.
  • Learn commands in Word that you can use in other projects.
  • Create your templates and record a macro that gives you one-click access.
  • Customize the Word ribbon and add quick access to template macros.

How to create your own stationery in Word

Invest Once for Lifetime Access

A one-time investment will give you lifetime access to this series. This way, if you forget how to do something or the technology changes, you’ll be able to come back and brush up on whatever you need. Each tip is in a separate video to make it easier if you need a refresher later…just click the one you need.

Here's a Free Sample from this Course

Text or graphics displayed on a page can be selected and saved as an AutoText entry. Quick and easy access. This video demos how our logo is saved as AutoText and how to use it.

What You'll Need

It's simple. Videos play on all devices, plus PC and Mac, and all browsers. You'll need fast Internet access. On rare occasions if videos tend to buffer too long, you may need a wired connection. (Instructor is using Word version 2010. However, most tips work in 2007 but instructions will vary.)

If your pre-printed stationery has already been created by a professional designer, ask them to email you a high resolution .jpg or .png of your logo. If they created everything using the Mac, ask them for the PC equivalent of your font. They must match as closely as possible for consistent branding.

Tech Support

We are not able to provide tech support. However, if an instruction is incorrect, please email us with details. Thanks in advance for doing that.

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