How to Blog with Windows Live Writer

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Update your blog right from your Desktop

Having an online presence is critical today, and keeping your Website or blog current with fresh content is a must.

One reason you might put off making updates to your site is the technology behind it. Would it help if you could write and publish blog posts and pages right from your desktop? Whether you use WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, and TypePad, Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer is your answer.

Windows Live Writer is a free, easy, WYSIWYG desktop application you can use to create and publish blog posts and pages. Windows Live Writer connects with your sites, and you can create posts and pages online or offline.

This training dives deep into this software and its timesaving features for people who would rather update their own blog or Website but don’t know how.

  • Manage multiple blog accounts from one place and publish from your desktop.
  • Insert pictures or simply copy and paste them onto the page.
  • Set default properties once for objects you insert.
  • Insert videos from your computer or YouTube® and other services.
  • Download plug-ins that make enhancing your posts even easier.

Webmasters. You’ll be able to create your client’s blog or Website, direct them to this training, and move on to your next project.

Site Owners. You won’t have to wait or beg anyone to update your site because you’ll be able to easily do this yourself!

Invest in this training today, and keep your blog or Website updated with ease.

What You'll Need

It's simple. Videos play on all devices, plus PC and Mac, all browsers. You'll need fast Internet access. On rare occasions if videos tend to buffer too long, you may need a wired connection. Please use an email address other than AOL or YAHOO (we've had problems with them blocking our emails, and you might not receive your password.

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This video is on YouTube and uses Flash. If it does not play on your iPad, try the Photon app. (We do not use flash on the Members only videos so they will play on any gadget or computer.)

Don’t Have a Site Yet?

Web hosting with Blue HostYou’ll need to register a domain name if you haven’t already. And you’ll need a Web hosting account. You can obtain a Web hosting account and register your domain in one place with Blue Host. Or you can register the domain with GoDaddy, and host your site on BlueHost (it’s what we do). We do not recommend GoDaddy for Web hosting due to stability issues. Once you get the hosting account, you’ll need to add WordPress to your account. The video below shows you how to do that.

How to Add WordPress to Your Hosting Account and Change Nameservers

(Contact BlueHost if these instructions have changed since we made this video.) This video shows you how to add WordPress to a Web hosting account at BlueHost, and change the nameservers over on GoDaddy so it knows where to point people to when they type your URL. This video is on YouTube and uses Flash. If it does not play on your iPad, try the Photon app. (We do not use flash on the Members only videos so they will play on any gadget or computer.)

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This is a free download. Click here for Windows Live Writer.

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