Mail Merge

Learn how to use Word's mail merge commands to personalize and customize mailing labels, letters, envelopes, email messages, any kind of form, name badges, raffle tickets, certificates, and more!
Mail Merge Labels, Letters, Forms, and More video tutorials

Save Time by Doing It Faster!

Stop typing personalized correspondence one at a time. If your data is in a spreadsheet or Outlook, grab it, and format it any way you need it.

Whether you're using an Excel spreadsheet, a Word table, or Outlook contacts, you'll learn how to set up, filter, and perform a mail merge, step by step. The instructor is using Word 2010, and instructions work the same for Word versions 2013 (and we think in 2007).

Did You Know You Can

  • Create personalized email messages with a hyperlink to an attachment?
  • Sign your letters before you print?
  • Create separate documents or PDFs for each recipient during a single merge?
  • Filter your database and create mailing labels for select recipients?
  • Create a template once and use it as many times as you want?
  • Create a Word or Excel form using merge fields?
  • Produce a directory of contacts you can print or format as a PDF?

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To help you when you're not online, you'll have access to a step-by-step handout.

Here's a Free Sample from this Course

Before you get started with mail merge, you'll want a clean database. This video explores changes to make when you're using Excel. A different course video shows how to use Outlook contacts as your source.

What You'll Need

It's simple. Videos play on all devices, plus PC and Mac, and all browsers. You'll need fast Internet access.

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