How to Get Organized At Work So You Can Think!

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Get Organized At Work So You Can Think with Peggy Duncan video tutorialIf your workload lasts well beyond the workday, getting organized will help. You can easily save one to two hours a day just by clearing clutter from your desk, mind, computer, and Inbox. It’s not hard. You just have to make the commitment to start, finish, and maintain.

"Get Organized” was a fantastic seminar. To be honest, I thought you were going to share very little of your expertise while trying to sell us something. Instead, you went on and on, offering tips, delivering insights. My office is now a different space and results are already showing in concrete manners.
Thank you so much!"
Karina Hatcher, Marketing & PR Specialist
Magnum Group, Inc.

The main focus of this training is becoming comfortable with purging things you don't need, love, or value, and how to create a filing system. Regardless of where you store your files, they need to be organized for easy access. You'll need a logical system so you (or anyone else) can find what you need the instant you need it.

And the good news is that, unlike dieting or exercising, the results are immediate.

You'll Learn How To

  • Distinguish between things to keep and things to trash by asking four questions.
  • Create a complete and logical system for files on your desk, computer, and Inbox.
  • Beat deadlines every time with external cues that help you remember.

Learn from personal productivity expert, Peggy Duncan, on this pre-recorded Webinar. Listen in as she's teaching two business people how to let go of clutter and finally get organized.

Is this training for you?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed as soon as you walk into your office?
  • Are you stressed out and always wondering what you forgot?
  • Do you find yourself apologizing too much for commitment fails?
  • Are you beginning to feel incompetent because you can't focus or keep up?
  • Are you embarrassed when you're late and not pulled together?
  • Do you jump from one project to the next without finishing anything?
  • Are you digging through piles and finding more work that's past due?
  • Do you feel guilty about not spending enough time with people or things you love?
  • Do you need more time just to think?

Yes? Then getting organized is your answer! Invest in this training right now because, unlike dieting or exercising, the results of making these changes are immediate!

Bonus with your registrationDocuments to make creating filing system easyTo help make getting organized even easier, you’ll receive a set of free Word documents to use in creating a filing system for your paperwork (retails for $8.95).

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