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Technology Video Series


Click the course title for full descriptions and sample videos.
12 Fast Ways to Answer Email in Outlook (Instructor is using version 2010. However, most tips work in 2007 and later versions, but instructions will vary. It's our recommendation that you purchase this course if you use version 2010 or later). Lifetime access, $47.00, one-time payment. Duration: Approximately 35 minutes. Each tip is a separate video. No fluff.
Windows Live Writer for Painless Blogging. Keep your content fresh and manage multiple sites from one desktop interface, all without learning WordPress, Typeface, or whatever platform you’re on. This is how we do it.  Lifetime access$47.00, one-time payment. Duration: Approximately 40 minutes. Each segment is a separate video. No fluff.Windows Live Writer
Create Electronic Versions of Your Stationery (Create templates for letterhead, envelope, shipping label, fax cover sheet. Also customize the Ribbon and add a group. Then record macros to add to that group for one-click access).  (Instructor is using Word version 2010. However, most tips work in other versions but instructions will vary slightly). Lifetime access$47.00, one-time payment. You can create a template once and use it forever. Use these step-by-step instructions to create whatever you need while learning new Word tips and tricks. Duration: Approximately 40 minutes (each segment is a separate video). No fluff.
Mail Merge in Word (Merge and customize letters, envelopes, labels, emails, forms, directories, certificates, name badges, and raffle tickets.) In development. Save $20 by joining before we go live soon. (The instructor is using Word 2010. Instructions work the same for Word versions 2013 and 2007.). Lifetime access$47.00, one-time payment. Mail merge has been around for years, but are you taking advantage of everything it can do? These step-by-step instructions will cover everything we could think of that will help you create and personalize in record time. Duration: TBD (each segment is a separate video). No fluff.

Management Video Series

Get Organized At Work So You Can ThinkLifetime access, $47.00, one-time payment. Everything you need, including the how-to video with slideshow, filing system index (complete filing system you can tweak to fit your needs), and a host of Word templates to make it easier (you'll receive within 48 hours of purchase). Duration: Approximately 1 hour, 30 minutes. A full Webinar coaching session. No fluff.

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