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The Digital Breakthroughs Institute (The DBI) demystifies technology for solopreneurs, small business owners, non-profits, and business professionals. We have video tutorials on this Website, and also offer Webinars, live workshops and seminars, and small conferences. We have trained thousands of business people all over the world, and we're glad you're here. We will not waste your time.

Our Focus

Our training model is to focus on specific tasks and projects as opposed to general training. For example, the Outlook tutorial teaches you how to answer emails faster. A Word tutorial will teach you how to build forms. A PowerPoint tutorial will teach you how to create postcards and other marketing collateral. Those are just some of our courses, and we're always looking for new ideas from you.

The online video tutorials are available 24/7/365, and are designed to increase your productivity so you have more time to do other things, including thinking!

A one-time payment will give you lifetime access to a course. This way, if you forget how to do something or the technology changes, you’ll be able to come back and brush up on everything. The technology-related tutorials are divided into separate lessons so you can go right to what you need.

Training At Your Location or Event

If you prefer to have live training at your location or conference or a private Webinar, contact us today!

Our Goal

At The Digital Breakthroughs Institute, our aim is to provide you with training you can use immediately to improve your productivity or marketing efforts. We strive to make your entire online learning process as easy as possible with training in plain English and no fluff. We aim to stay relevant in today's marketplace and will always focus on your needs and how to make it less taxing to reach your goals.

We want to help you go to the next level and will continue to offer the latest in today's productivity and technology training. Just let us know what you need.


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